Why the IT-ITES sector will need more trained Cyber Security Professionals?

Why the IT-ITES sector will need more trained Cyber Security Professionals?

Over the last few months, organisations that hold valuable client information have become easy targets of recent cyber security attacks. The post Covid 19 scenario will see a staggering need for trained Cyber Security professionals across sectors to combat these issues. The IT-ITES sector will see a huge demand of trained professionals who are not only well versed with IT fundamentals but also have an aptitude for working in this demanding and highly rewarding field.

The need of Cyber Security Professionals in the IT-ITES sector: To abide by the social distancing measures as laid down by the central and state government, ‘work from home’ for employees is the new norm these days. About 85-90% employees of global IT giants are working from home now. However, there exists a strong possibility that the overall organizational under-preparedness and the lack of time in implementation of WFH policies will lead to severe information security breaches over the VPN, thereby exposing sensitive organizational and business data.

In fact IT-ITES is regularly targeted by cyber criminals as a preferred channel to siphon off global client information and sensitive data since they handle critical client information from over 90+ countries across numerous projects. The WFH phenomenon poses a increased threat level as more and more organizations like TCS are willing to increase the count of employees working remotely. It is predicted that by 2025, almost 75% of the employees will be working from home.

This gives an increased chance of for criminals thereby calling for the requisition of even more cyber security experts to mitigate the chances. In addition, the increased awareness about user privacy norms and mandates and the European GDPR laws and the personal data protection act in India, the spend in cyber security budgets is slated for a quantum rise. As per industry reports, the Cyber security spend in IT and allied sectors will touch $713 million by 2022, which will be the highest amongst all sectors. However, irrespective of the high demand, it’s a no-brainer that the pressing problem is the lack of skilled talent, right from entry level Cyber Security Analysts to the most senior level Security Architects and CISO.

As per Nasscom reports, it is a matter of grave concern that despite having the largest pool of IT professionals in the world, India simply lacks adequate number of cyber security talents, so much so that the organizations are much willing to pay the requisite premium to onboard trained and qualified professionals to cater to the immediate demand.

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