4 September, 2019

5 Critical Traits that Praxis Business School believes would make You a Good Team Player

Best Machine Learning Certification Courses in Kolkata and Bangalore
6 February, 2019

What is machine learning? Machine learning is based on the idea of artificial intelligence that enables the systems to learn and evolve through complex data rather than being explicitly programmed. Systems are now able to learn from data, identify and analyze patterns and make decisions that are beneficial for organizations…

Intelligent Machines: Humans May Have To Contend With A Superior ‘Species’ Soon; Are We Prepared?
6 February, 2019

This article was originally published in Swarajya Magazine, Read  the original article at [rule style="rule-dashed" ] First we had computers, then we had the world wide web and now we are talking about IOT, the Internet of Things. Computers are now pervasive and have occupied every nook and corner…