Examination Policy

Examination Process is the central nerve system of the institute. Policies governing the examination are determined by the Controller of Examination in consultation with the Chairperson PGP and all the functions of the examination & evaluations are undertaken accordingly at Praxis Business School.

Scope of Activities

  • To conduct examinations timely and efficiently with the strict supervision and without allowing any malpractice at any level.
  • To declare results in time with the highest regards for quality in the entire process of examination i.e. from setting and assessing papers to declaration of results with maximum vigilance and confidence.
  • To ensure the smooth function of all the activities that come under the purview of the examination department.
  • To offer the best services to the students, teachers, and society at large with the aim of improving the quality of education.

Broadly the functions of Examination Department are classified under 3 heads:

Planning of the Examination

  • To prepare the time schedule of examinations and dates of declaration of the results at the beginning of the term and notify the same.
  • To maintain an adequate database of paper setters and examiners and provide the same to the Board of Exams as and when required.
  • To ensure proper organization of examinations, tutorials and tests including moderation, tabulation and declaration of the results.
  • Undertake, exercise and experiment in examination reforms.
  • Setting norms for paper setting and paper assessment.
  • Preparing the broad schedule of examinations and paper assessment.
  • Preparing the schedule for the declaration of the results.
  • To decide a course of action based on the feedback received from the faculty.
  • To investigate and take disciplinary action for malpractices and lapses on the part of candidates.

Conducting the Examination

  • To display the time schedule of examinations and dates of declaration of the results at the beginning of the term and notify the same.
  • Obtain two sets of question papers in sealed envelopes.
  • To make the necessary copies of the question paper.
  • To obtain required examination stationery for the conduct of Exams.
  • To arrange for strict vigilance during conduct of exams to avoid use of unfair means by the students, teachers, invigilators, supervisors etc.
  • To make necessary arrangements for getting the answer sheets assessed.
  • To compile and declare results.
  • Maintenance of records.
  • To perform such other duties and responsibilities which are assigned from time to time.

Monitoring the Examination

  • To monitor implementation of policies and processes framed by the Examination Committee.
  • To ensure adequate quality of assessment.
  • To provide feedback and suggest necessary changes on the implementation of the overall assessment scheme of Praxis Business School.
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