Research Policy

Research is an integral part of the academic system and plays a vital role in making the academic foundation stronger. Despite various constraints with which we live with, opportunities are to be made available for carrying out research. Proven research not only enhances the image of the institute, but also elevates the confidence and self-esteem of faculty.

A Faculty member at Praxis Business School is eligible for additional remuneration for Research, Publication and Content creation subject to meeting the following Terms & Conditions:

  • Praxis Business School will make available the approved Journal listing and Category whereby a certificate of appreciation and cash award will be issued
  • Rs. 2 L for every publication in an A* category journal
  • Rs. 1.5 L for every publication in an A category journal
  • Rs. 1.0 L for every publication in a B category journal
  • Rs. 50 K for every publication in a C category journal
  • Only designated Full-time Faculty members who have an association of one complete academic year and above at Praxis are eligible for payment under the Journal publication category as stated above
  • The disbursement of Journal publication happens at the end of the academic year when it was published subject to the faculty member completing his/her teaching obligations during the academic year
  • In the event of two or more collaborators, the remuneration will be equally distributed between the contributing faculty members
  • For paper publication in National or International Conferences of Repute, the registration charges with a cash award of Rs. 20,000 per eligible paper will be taken care of by the PGP Office when the participation has prior approval from the Director or Dean Academics
  • The Travel expenses for Conferences, Workshops, FDPs and MDPs at actuals will be reimbursed post submission of eligible bills. The registration fees and cost of travel if applicable is subject to approval with a cap of INR 2.0 Lakhs per Academic Year
  • For articles published on Analytics Vidhya, Medium & comparable platforms and/or concept videos & tutorials on public platforms like Youtube&Linkedin, a cash award of Rs 10,000 will be disbursed per article, tutorial or video published
  • Every screened blogpost on the Praxis website carries an award of Rs 5,000.
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