IT Policy

This Policy covers the IT networks for Praxis Business School staff across all sites and the separate network provided for to manage the institute website and publishing systems.
The objective of this policy is to ensure the confidentiality of data and information assets are protected. The policy supports the Praxis Business School business objectives of ensuring that the security, integrity and availability of IT systems are balanced against the need for staff to access systems and services that are necessary for their job, within the limits imposed by this policy. It also helps to protect data from misuse and to minimize the impact of service disruption by setting standards and procedures to manage and enforce appropriate IT security. The policy supports the legal obligations of Praxis Business School to maintain the security and confidentiality of its information and supports adherence to information governance standards set by the Institute. The NBA authority may obtain the copy of the IT policy for their perusal.

IT Committee:

The IT committee at Praxis Business School acts as an interface between students, staff and faculty members and the school’s IT department. It is a focal point for all IT related activities for all internal stakeholders such as maintenance of IT framework including Wi-Fi networks, local access networks, content sharing and other IT related matters in the hostels and campus. With an unavoidable need for internet on campus, the committee works throughout the year in providing the best IT support to the students. It also works with the other Committees and clubs of the institute towards the fulfillment of their IT related requirements.

Praxis Business School IT Committee:

Sr .No. Name Designation Role
1 Dr. Sourav Saha Professor Head
2 Mr. Tapas Hazra Assistant Manager – IT Infrastructure Member
3 Mr. Raju Kumar Das Office Assistant Member
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