Why does it make more sense than ever before to become a Data Scientist?

Why does it make more sense than ever before to become a Data Scientist?

In this challenging times where the globe is getting impacted, it is important to understand how the post COVID world is going to need more data scientists than ever before and how do you ensure you are one of them.

Analytics India Magazine in association with Praxis Business School organized a webinar to help people understand the opportunities and the ways to explore them.

The objective of the webinar was to help people seeking a career in Data Science to understand the domain better and recognize what they need to do to make a successful professional start in this wonderful area. These discussions are even more significant today as we encounter unprecedented times and battle the COVID 19 crisis, and there is a question mark about what the future is going to look like in terms of the economy and jobs. In such times of uncertainty, we need the wisdom and advice of experts to help us make better decisions about our careers.

The webinar was delivered by

The high points of the interaction were:

  • The Post Corona World will see more digital adoption driving more data creation leading to a much higher demand for Data Scientists. Data science will be embedded in every business and every function.
  • If you like playing with data and like to solve problems using data, you should consider picking up the necessary knowledge and skills to become a data scientist. The data scientist will have the unique opportunity to move across industries and take up senior roles.
  • This discipline requires a deep dive and you should invest time in a full-time program if you are looking at this career seriously. You get time to digest the concepts, work on projects, create a network of peers and also get the benefit of campus placements
  • There is space for freshers as well as for those with substantial years of experience, as enterprises have varied requirements at different levels. If you have the right skills, they will hire you.
  • This is probably the best time to commit time to Data Science education because once the economy springs back to normal, companies are going to need a larger number of Data Scientists.

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