Webinar : Journey of a Successful Data Science Professional

Webinar : Journey of a Successful Data Science Professional

Praxis Business School invites you to interact with 3 successful Data Scientists and understand the kind of work they do and their data science journey.

The three things the 3 Data Scientists have in common are: they are all passionate about Data Science, they are all very successful at what they do, and they pursued Data Science at Praxis Business School.

These 3 Data Scientist will be answering questions like:

  • What/Who is a Data Scientist? What does he/ she do?
  • What kind of people succeed? What skills do they have?
  • What are the major challenges in a data scientist’s journey?
  • What is a typical day in a Data Scientist’s life? What kind of problems does he/ she solve?
  • How does one become a Data Scientist?

If you are seeking answers to some of these questions, attend the webinar on the Journey of a Successful Data Science Professional on On : 6th June 2020, from 11am.

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