Top 5 Highest paying jobs after MBA

Top 5 Highest paying jobs after MBA

Ever wondered why most students choose to do MBA even when there is a massive choice of Postgraduate educational programs and career fields to choose from? Or why do most high-paying jobs look for MBA graduates? MBA is a richly rewarding program with great career potential. An MBA degree offers brand value to you. Even experienced professionals take up an MBA course to make a shift in their career. 

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An MBA degree serves as a gateway to business leadership positions and it can lead to better career opportunities and higher pay packages. The average income for an MBA graduate is much higher than the salary of a graduate with a regular Master’s degree. You can expect to earn twice as much as what you would get from a regular university degree. According to admission experts, job applicants with MBAs on their resume stand to employers and they look forward to hiring applicants with an MBA degree. If you’re still wondering what you can do with an MBA degree, take a look at these top 5 highest paying jobs after MBA.  

Top 5 Highest paying jobs after MBA

Investment Banker

In the current business environment, this is considered as the highest paying job after MBA. Investment banking is soaring through the roof and many MBA graduates are keen to land their job as an investment banker in a big firm. An investment banker generally helps large corporations and government agencies to raise money in the capital markets and provide strategic advice in mergers, acquisitions and even be in charge of overseeing major deals involving large transactions.


Salaries for investment bankers vary immensely from firm to firm. An average salary for an Investment banker during the initial years would be around 8 Lakhs to 10 lakhs per year. The salary for a senior investment banker in top firms can go up to 50 lakhs to 80 lakhs per year.  

IT project manager

Disruption and persistent change have become the new norm in today’s business world. As we progress into the future, this rapid speed of change, driven by Information Technology (IT) is taking us to a new reality. Right now, IT project manager is one of the hottest and highest paying jobs after an MBA. As an IT Project Manager, you are responsible for overseeing the technology-related business, participating in management decisions, and ensuring adherence to all technical standards


The average salary of IT Project managers is around 15 lakhs per year and can boost up to 30- 35 lakhs per year. 

Financial manager

Financial management is a lucrative job that is expected to grow big in the coming years. Financial managers are in charge of the overall monetary health of an organization. Their job involves keeping their organization’s bank account healthy, doing daily and long-term financial paperwork, and creating financial statements. 


The average salary of a financial manager can be anywhere between 11 to 15 lakhs and for a senior financial manager(, the salary can go up to 30 lakhs per year. 

Management consultant

A management consultant is someone who provides the focused direction a company requires to stay competitive and relevant by helping solve management problems, control costs, increase productivity and maximize profits. Many high-end consultants work directly with CEOs and top management teams to help them develop cutting-edge business plans that will allow them to rise above their competitors. So, no wonder why management consultant is one of the top-paying jobs after MBA. 


According to Payscale(, the average annual salary of Management consultants in India is around 11 lakhs per annum. A well-experienced management consultant can expect to earn around 20 lakhs per year. 

Sales manager

Whatever business you are in sales are the building blocks that help that business grow. So, many businesses are increasingly looking to attract and offer the best and highest-paying jobs for MBA graduates who can help in their organization’s sales efforts. As a sales manager, you are responsible for managing the sales of the products and manage a team of the salesperson. Your expertise would help the company in creating strategies for product sales. 


According to a report by Collegedekho, the average salary for a sales manager in India is around 11 lakhs and can reach up to 20 lakhs based on the experience and other factors.

Many students prefer MBA courses to acquire the skills necessary to start a business/ start-up/ turn into an entrepreneur. These top paying jobs after MBA not only enhance your professional growth but also personal growth. With that being said, to reap all these above-mentioned benefits, you need an MBA degree from a reputed business school like Praxis.

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