Sustainability at Praxis

Sustainability at Praxis

Praxis Business School has been creating future-ready business leaders for a digital tomorrow. To shape such leaders, Praxis instills students with the core ethics of Empathy, Diversity, and Sustainability through curricula and campus activities.

Students at Praxis Business School are acutely aware of the effect business has on the environment and the effect business has on society to start a chain reaction of positive impact. Over 9 acres of Praxis Business School’s eco-friendly campus is a constant reminder of its commitment to a sustainable environment.

The use of renewable energy on campus is another key objective. From street lamps, water heaters, to the drinking water treatment plant are powered by solar panels. Home to a variety of flora and fauna, the Praxis campus is a pollution-free abode of knowledge that encourages an ecology-conscious ethos.

Praxites take great pride in cohabiting with nature. We celebrate key calendar dates by planting trees on campus. The biggest plantation drive is done on our Foundation Day 30th July. Students also enthusiastically take part in annual activities such as ‘The Earth Hour’.. Praxis aims to conserve local wetland ecology as well as actively discourage the practice of unnecessary concretization. The result of such an effort is a canopy of greenery and watershed areas in and around the Praxis campus, popularly known among students as the ‘Random Forest’ that attracts numerous birds, butterflies, and the occasional monitor lizard.

Sustainability is not a one time hype, rather a regular process of enabling businesses and communities to energise each other. At Praxis, we not only believe it, we live it!!!

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