Students Workshop on ‘Managers for the Digital Future’

Students Workshop on ‘Managers for the Digital Future’

IMS Kolkata conducted a 1 Day Workshop on October 20th 2019, at Praxis Business School on ‘Managers for the Digital Future’.

The 101 students who attended the Workshop got the unique opportunity to learn about the different components of the digital transformation and their impact on careers for MBAs.

They also got the opportunity to learn about the skills they need to focus on during the 2 years of the MBA program. They were further given an exposure to discover the hottest career prospects and roles offered in areas like Marketing, Finance, HR, Data Science.

Praxis Business School is well-known for having adapted its Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Curriculum and pedagogy to address the demands of the digital business world and also runs highly successful stand-alone courses in Data Science and Cyber Security.

The Workshop was conducted by Professors of Praxis on the following topics:

• Digital Transform ations – Professor Prithwis Mukerjee
• Careers in Data Science – Professor Charanpreet Singh
• Careers in Marketing – Professor Charanpreet Singh
• Careers in HR – Professor Kankana Paul
• Careers in Finance – Professor Amit Parakh

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