Stepping into its 13th – Praxis Business School

Stepping into its 13th – Praxis Business School

Praxis Business School celebrated its 13th Foundation Day on July 30, 2019

The day kick started with the Tree Planting Ceremony. Every year Praxis Business School starts the Foundation Day celebrations with planting trees, doing its tiny bit to spread greenery and contribute towards the environment.

The ceremony continued with the singing of the National Anthem which was followed by a cultural performance by the students. After which, the Chairman, Founder, Director and other members took to the stage to address the audience. Dr. Nikhil Ranjan Banerjea, Former Vice Chancellor IIEST, and Viresh Oberoi, Founder & Former MD & CEO – mjunction, members of the Board of Governors graced the ceremony with their presence.

Announcing the ceremony open, Kamlesh Sajnani, Chairman, Board of Governors, addressed the students, the faculty and all other members associated with Praxis. In his speech he said that the foundation of Praxis Business School has always been strong, our well-built value systems have formed a stable and reliable base, and now we have the opportunity to build on that base to reach greater heights and achieve greater accomplishments.

Noting that Praxis is stepping into its 13th year, Mr Sajanani said, “Everyone associated with Praxis has now a licence to further get excited about the future and push the boundaries with our first rush of youth and its accompanying vigour that we now possess.”

He further emphasised the fact that it is our responsibility to enhance the Praxis brand and bring value to our students and our stakeholders. He said that he and others aim to identify  Praxis with a 6 year business cycle, which will be our teen years from 2019-2025. “What we do and execute will give Praxis a long term identity in the days to come as an institute.” On foundation day, it is vital to take stock of where we are, our journey, what our achievements and mistakes were and learning from the past, he added.

Dr. Prithwis Mukerjee, Director, Praxis Business School addressed the audience on the core values of the education system that Praxis follows. As an initiative to enable students to be creative, Praxis has come up with the idea of Praxis Productions, where students can explore their creativity by making films. Dr Mukerjee added, “We help students not only to consume but also to create.”

Awards for the winners of Praxis Production

Praxis Production conducted a movie making competition, to explore the creativity of students. The idea was to enable students to not only to create movies but also to market the product they created and to understand the audience opinion; which is, of course, a part of the larger story of marketing.

Mr. Charanpreet Singh, Founder-Director, Praxis Business School addressed the audience and spoke about the initial years of struggle for the institute. He was proud to say that today Praxis is more stable and assured and that the stakeholders are privileged to be part of this opportunity to experience the evolving journey of the Praxis Business School Foundation.

He added that it is also time to pause and reflect upon what we are doing for the society and the environment at large. The initiative of planting trees on foundation day and the concept known as Random Forest is a consequence of this self reflection.

As an institute focusing on empowering the next generation with education, Praxis is moving forward to do the best to spread awareness on Digital Literacy.  “A large part of the society is beyond this digital reach and therefore unable to participate in the holistic growth of the nation,” said Mr Singh.

As such, he declared the launch of the Digital Literacy drive during the Foundation Day ceremony. The Digital Literacy drive has identified two under privileged schools in the neighbourhood where our students will conduct workshops and teach computer and internet to the students of those schools. This initiative will primarily be driven by the student community, he added.

Awards were given to the winning students of the art competition. Mrs Varsha Bagchi, a renowned painter, presented the awards. She appreciated the work of the students and how they expressed themselves through their painting. “I don’t think that creativity can be judged because it is all about expressing oneself, but as part of the competition, I had to choose the winners. Every student has brilliantly expressed themselves, communicating their thoughts with others” said Mrs Bagchi.

The day of festivities and celebrations ended with the Cake cutting ceremony.

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