Snickers and the Dave Media Stunt

Snickers and the Dave Media Stunt

When you want to make a creative advertisement and in your quest to do so, you go the full hog and make something absolutely brilliant! That is exactly what Snickers did, they took their tried and tested tagline, teamed up with a telly channel and made an amazing advert!

Dave is a British network that is targeted at millennials and usually features fun programmes but recently one day, suddenly out of the blue, the network started airing out of character shows like a boring chess championship, a stuffy art program and a noir film. This wasn’t just limited to the telly, Dave’s social media pages changed to Rupert as well. This all happened at exactly 3:28 PM, which according to Snickers is the “hungriest time of the day”. And what happens then? Well, if you have followed Snickers advertising, you know the answer; “you are not you when you are hungry!” Thus explaining why Dave had suddenly transformed into Rupert.

Snickers went another step forward and posted an open letter of apology as the final piece of the advert, promising viewers that Dave has stocked up on enough Snickers and won’t be turning into Rupert again!

The entire campaign was created by the ad agency AMV BBDO in London.

Snickers and the Dave Media Stunt

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