Professor Charanpreet Singh speaks at ABP Educations webinar on tomorrow’s tech and it’s future

Professor Charanpreet Singh speaks at ABP Educations webinar on tomorrow’s tech and it’s future

Professor Charanpreet Singh, Founder & Director, Praxis Business School Foundation speaks at the webinar CampusToCareer2020 organized by ABP Education on 1 September 2020.

He spoke on Tomorrow’s Tech for Tomorrow’s Careers: Big Data, AI, iOT and ML. 

Technology improves the quality of our lives. Be it our socio-cultural environment, schooling, healthcare, housing, or anything else, technology improves it. If you take up a career in tech, you are actually doing a service to mankind.

Technology offers us speed, affordability, convenience, reliability, connectivity and access. The cost of everything comes down, and we can do things better. Tomorrow’s tech has to address global issues like climate change, dangers to the environment, inequality, health and hunger.

Today’s tech is using deep learning to produce human-like text, enabling machine control through thoughts and manipulating an organism’s genes through bio-tech.

You can go from being a technophobe to a technophile, and be anything from a beginner to an advanced operator of tech, and still make a career in technology.

You can fit in anywhere from data familiar to data fluent to providing data leadership. All you have to be is curious, diligent and a problem-solver. You can either be a data engineer, who is instrumental in making data available, work in cybersecurity and make data secure, or devote your efforts to data science and analyse data to draw insights.

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, we need to have the ability and courage to learn quickly. We need to be critical thinkers, approaching every problem from all directions. Technology is changing very fast, and if we do not move with the trend, we will become obsolete.

We need to be capable learners, critical thinkers and effective communicators who are also good listeners. Moreover, to ensure that AI is unbiased and ethical, you must be transparent.

As long as you are good with numbers and comfortable with technology, it does not matter which background you are from. Data science can be taught. What cannot be taught is curiosity, the passion for problem-solving and the right attitude. There are a lot of programmes, both full-time and part-time in India and abroad for people who want to add to their data science knowledge.

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