Praxis Student Drive to Spread Awareness on Food Wastage

Praxis Student Drive to Spread Awareness on Food Wastage

Praxis Business School is always up for a good cause. In an initiative to stop wastage of food, the students of the college are on a drive to spread awareness and practice the same.

From now, the daily wasted food in the canteen will be weighed and monitored.

The students started this initiative by measuring the amount of wastage food in the canteen and writing the data on a chart paper.

The daily data tracking will enable the students to understand the amount of food wasted, further leaving an impact on them not to waste the same and save the ration in the days to come.

With the “Pre Activity” vs. “Post Activity” Data of wasted food that will be weighed on regular basis, it is expected that the wastage will come down significantly. The wastage food data that is being weighed per day when compared to the next and subsequent day’s data will also enable students to check if the wastage amount drops and its percentage.

This activity is not only spreading awareness for a good cause but also initiating corporate practices among the students.

Thanking students for participating in this initiative on Day 1 –
Seemant Bind – Mess Secretary, Ansh Arora Anamitra Bhattacharyya – General Secretary, Labani Jana

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