Pokémon Go (and get me more business)!

Pokémon Go (and get me more business)!

Pokémon, a media franchise that enamoured an entire generation of kids. And let’s face it, adults too. The franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 and was created as a pair of video games for Game Boy. It was then adapted into films and an animated series and has recently come a full circle with the launch of the augmented reality game, Pokémon Go.


Pokémon Go is an example of the wonders of technology of the modern age. Everyone who watched Pokémon, dreamed of catching and training these pocket monsters (incidentally that’s where the name comes from. Romanisation of the Japanese Poketto Monsutā). The author remembers reading a post where someone suggested the exact idea of the game, a few years ago. Now, it’s quite possible that the makers had the idea themselves, while there’s also a faint possibility, that in this increasingly socially connected world, maybe someone at the right place got the idea from that post. If so, then Pokémon Go is so much more the result of a modern technology – socially connected world, realising their childhood dreams with the help of available technology.

Finally with the launch of Pokémon Go, many from that generation are getting to live their dream. Adults, mostly, are more excited than kids, with people actually taking longer routes or detours just to catch one in the area.  But, Pokémon Go is not just about realising a childhood dream, it’s also about commerce. Not just selling the game and in game products but the different opportunities that it offers.

There are something called Pokémon Gyms and PokéStops, and they are usually local landmarks and businesses. This provides an opportunity to local businesses and the game also offers something called the Lure Module, something that lures a Pokémon to your PokéStop for thirty minutes. Which means, if you are a business, you can use that to attract customers, like this museum here, which photographed the Pokémon and put them next to their various displays and then on their blog to get more people in or this clothing store here or like this clothing store here.

Clothing Store

Obviously there was going to be a negative and a recent report suggests that robbers used the game to lure unsuspecting victims in and then mug them. However, more businesses are getting inspired as well and are using the game, usually with some sort of Pokémon themed deliverable. Some businesses are also looking to apply as a PokéStop or a Pokémon Gym but as of now, these are predetermined locations by the developers. Although, it sure seems like an opportunity they’ll look into soon. Till then play Pokémon Go and get yourself some more business!

Pokémon Go (and get me more business)!

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