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Missing Type Campaign

The thing with humans is that they are notoriously fragile. One little mishap, a small insect bite, sometimes just a change of weather and they find themselves sick, injured or in a hospital. And, worse, science hasn’t yet caught up with creating artificial substitutes for the body. If we need blood, it has to be actual blood. Thankfully, that’s not a very difficult process.
Donating blood is fairy simple, it involves a trip to your local blood bank – make sure you ain’t drunk, or carrying any illness. They’ll tell you actually – then you fill up a form and lie there for a few minutes. They’ll stick a needle in you, and it’s not as painful as it is made out to be. You’ll be given a sandwich and some juice and in a short rest later you are good to go about your day, feeling much better about yourself.
Jokes apart, donating blood saves millions of lives every year. In an emergency, your blood might help save someone in a critical condition and even if there isn’t an emergency. Blood is one of the most needed things in medicines, which is why it is important to have blood banks and maintain supply.
Recent research in England suggested that there was a nearly thirty percent drop in the number of donors in the past decade. This prompted the NHS Blood and Transplant to come up with the ‘Missing Type’ campaign.
The Missing Type is a clever pun and is exactly what the campaign is asking brands to do – drop letters from their name and logo which also signify blood groups – A, B and O. And it’s not just restricted to companies, cities and other institutions, even the Royal Air Force, have joined in as well. It’s been a raging success, given that more than thirty thousand new donors have registered with the first ten days of the campaign. The campaign has also gone international – outside the UK – with other cities and companies joining in.
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This amazingly clever marketing for a cause has been astoundingly well received across the world and has succeeded in spreading the desired awareness. Here are some of the pictures.
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Share the post, spread the awareness and become a blood donor.

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