MBA in Marketing: Job Opportunities and Average Salaries

MBA in Marketing: Job Opportunities and Average Salaries

Choosing an MBA as a post-graduate degree is a trend that has found massive popularity in recent years. Earning an MBA will open up new avenues for you and also aid in a possible career change, should you wish for one. An MBA in marketing is one of the most sought-after degrees amongst young aspirants and this is justified by the massive opportunities that are available to an MBA Marketing graduate. But what are these opportunities? And is an MBA in marketing truly worth your time? This article takes a closer look at the top opportunities and jobs after MBA in marketing and the average salaries that come along with it.

Top Jobs After MBA in Marketing

Sales Manager

The sales team of any organization, big or small, is pivotal in ensuring that operations within the company are smooth and profitable. A sales manager usually ensures that the sales team meets their targets, and also works towards finding new ways to boost and enhance the overall sales quotient of the company.  A sales manager recruits and trains the sales team, provides a detailed and accurate sales forecast, and suggests new and improved sales goals after carefully analyzing current performance. Sales managers are always in demand, making this a great choice for a job after MBA in marketing.

Average Salary of a sales manager

As reported by Glassdoor, the average base pay for a sales manager in India is ₹7,21,500 /yr.

Brand Manager

A brand manager is integral in ensuring that the brand image stays in touch with the integrity of the brand and that the values represented by the brand are conveyed efficiently to the public. They develop adaptable brand strategies and works towards shaping the vision and mission of the brand while conveying it coherently to the consumers. A brand manager usually heads a team of marketing professionals who work on brand initiatives. They oversee any new and ongoing marketing and advertising activities and align the brand campaigns around the brand’s direction and tactics.

Average Salary if a brand manager

As reported by Glassdoor, the average salary for a brand manager in India is ₹14,00,000 /yr.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager, as the name implies, is usually in charge of running digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing managers work closely with the entire marketing team to ensure that the campaigns are live on time and are running successfully. They build, design, and manage the social media presence of brands. They plan and execute diverse marketing campaigns such as email campaigns, display advertising campaigns, and more. Digital marketing managers are in high demand right now, making this a popular choice for a job after MBA in marketing.

Average Salary of a digital marketing manager

As reported by Glassdoor, the average base salary for a digital marketing manager in India is ₹6,38,101 /yr.

Product Manager

A product manager put simply, is in charge of an entire product throughout its life cycle. Product managers are expected to understand customer demands, help businesses build and design products based on trends in the market and ensure that the product is a profitable asset for the company. Product managers build and execute product strategies, plan and carry out product launches and manage all aspects of in-life products, including customer feedback, requirements, and issues. Product managers are integral parts of organizations worldwide, and this high pay career option is a great choice for a job after MBA in marketing.

Average Salary of a product manager

As reported by Glassdoor, the average salary for a product manager in India is ₹16,00,000 /yr.

An MBA in marketing is bound to open up new avenues for you and will also provide you with various options to consider after graduation. Jobs after MBA in marketing are wide and diverse and graduating from a reputed university is sure to help you in your aspirations. We at Praxis are proud to present our Top Ranked PGDM Program in Kolkata, an all-inclusive 2-year full-time course that’ll train you to become a well-rounded and endowed marketing professional. Our remarkable placement program, with numerous tie-ups, just acts as standing proof to our continued success in developing the next generation of astounding marketing graduates and professionals.

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