Literacy enriches lives – both at the individual and community levels

Literacy enriches lives – both at the individual and community levels

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope” – Kofi Anan, former Secretary, United Nations.

Literacy enriches lives – both at the individual and community levels. Literacy enhances self-esteem and enables people to develop skills that help them provide for themselves and their close communities. In the knowledge-driven digital world, literacy is as fundamental to a dignified and connected life as other necessities like food and shelter. Having said that, several parts of the world lag significantly in literacy levels.

In order to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies, UNESCO observes September 8 as the International Literacy Day (ILD). This year’s theme for ILD is “Literacy for a human-centred recovery: Narrowing the digital divide” – with a special focus on “the interplay of literacy and digital skills required by non-literate youth and adults.” This is significant, because through this theme UNESCO acknowledges that digital skills are an essential component of literacy – in addition to the traditional three “Rs” – ‘reading’, ‘riting’ and ‘rithmetic’.

While almost 1 in every 4 Indians is not literate in the traditional sense, the digital literacy levels are far inferior. It is therefore imperative that India adopts extensive measures to raise digital literacy rates among its people.

In this context, Praxis Business School, which works at the confluence of business, technology and education, understands the importance of digital literacy for nation building. In 2019 Praxis launched a Digital Literacy Program aimed at enhancing the digital literacy levels of children studying at schools that are not equipped with computer and broadband facilities. The program is managed entirely by the Praxis student community.

We realize that we need to do more and are in touch with national professional bodies in order to leverage their reach to deliver more such programs.

Charanpreet Singh,
Co-Founder & Director
Praxis Business School Foundation


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