Highest Paying Artificial Intelligence Jobs in India

Highest Paying Artificial Intelligence Jobs in India

Does money bring you happiness? From Plato to Elon Musk, the dispute over whether or not money boosts serotonin has raged throughout history. While a mono-word answer is yet to be found, money has always been a crucial component of happiness. And finding a job is a straightforward and relatively quick approach to getting money. The next obvious question that arises is which job is going to pay you more? In the last 20 years or perhaps more, there has been a significant transformation in the Indian labour market. Originally, most people would choose from a limited number of options regardless of their hobbies because they were among the few traditional choices that were considered to provide financial stability. Today, however, there are several alternatives available. While traditional career choices such as being an engineer, doctor, or architect are still credible and valued today, there are many more possibilities that have emerged and transformed the Indian labour market. This may be ascribed to the development of the internet, globalisation, and the requirement to make unorthodox decisions. One of these fields that have recently been lauded for offering to pay the most is artificial intelligence jobs in India.


Artificial intelligence, in layman’s terms, is the imitation of human intelligence functions by machines, particularly computer systems. Expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision are some examples of specific AI applications. Vendors have been rushing to highlight how their products and services integrate AI as the hoopla surrounding the technology has grown. Frequently, what they mean by AI is just one element of AI, like machine learning. For the creation and training of machine learning algorithms, AI needs a foundation of specialised hardware and software. There is no one programming language that is exclusively associated with AI, but a few are, including Python, R, and Java. A vast volume of labelled training data is ingested by AI systems, which then examine the data for correlations and patterns before employing these patterns to forecast future states. By studying millions of instances, an image recognition tool can learn to recognise and characterize objects in photographs, just as a chatbot that is given examples of text chats can learn to make lifelike exchanges with people.

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In 2021, the market for artificial intelligence (AI) was estimated to be worth US$ 87.04 billion. Since its release on the market, artificial intelligence technology has promptly acquired acceptance. The global artificial intelligence market is expanding considerably as a result of the increasing demand for artificial intelligence technology across numerous industry verticals, including retail, BFSI, healthcare, food and beverage, automotive, and logistics. Researchers estimate that the artificial intelligence (AI) market will be worth more than US$ 1,597.1 billion by 2030 and that it will increase at a CAGR of 38.1% between 2022 and 2030.

Owing to its exponential and fast growth, listed below are the top 5 highest paying artificial intelligence jobs in India:


One of the most highly paying artificial intelligence jobs in India is undoubtedly a data scientist. The task of gathering, examining, and interpreting enormous volumes of data falls under the purview of the data scientist. The position of a data scientist is a spin-off of a number of conventional technical roles, including those of scientist, statistician, computer professional, and mathematician.

Qualifications:  Advanced degree(s) in data analysis or Data Science

Base salary: ₹9,00,000/yr

Range: ₹3,00,000 – ₹21,30,000


The second most paying artificial intelligence job in India is that of a big data engineer. A big data engineer is the specialist who is in charge of creating and designing data pipelines. They are the minds behind gathering ordered sets of data from numerous sources for analysts and data scientists. 


Base salary: ₹8,00,000/yr

Range: ₹3,24,000 – ₹18,20,000

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Following big data, engineers are machine learning engineers who come third in the list of most paid artificial intelligence jobs in India. Technically skilled programmers known as machine learning engineers do research, create, and design self-running software to automate predictive models. A machine learning (ML) engineer creates artificial intelligence (AI) systems that leverage massive data sets to produce and refine learning algorithms that subsequently produce forecasts. 

Qualifications: Master’s degree, and preferably a PhD in computer science or related fields.

Base salary: ₹6,90,000 /yr

Range: ₹2.4Lakh – ₹16.6Lakh


An engineer who utilises business intelligence software to analyse and present data for a company is referred to as the business intelligence developer. To enhance the company’s research process, they frequently develop tools or troubleshoot existing techniques. Owing to its base salary which is nearly 6 lakhs, business intelligence developer marks the fourth position in the list of highest paying artificial intelligence jobs in India.

Qualifications: bachelor’s degree in information technology, business intelligence, computer science, mathematics or software development. 

Base salary: ₹5,40,000/yr

Range: ₹2,40,000 – ₹11,00,000


Designing, executing, and analysing information are duties that AI Research Scientists must perform. These people are specialists in a variety of fields related to artificial intelligence, including computational statistics, deep learning, applied mathematics, and machine learning. While data scientists refine and use these systems in real-world circumstances, AI research scientists study novel approaches and create new systems for solving problems. Although the fifth on the list, a research scientist is still one of the highly paid artificial intelligence jobs in India compared to other professions. 

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in data analytics or mathematics

Base salary: 3,30,000/yr

Range: 9,00,000 and 11,00,000

The question of whether or not having lots of money will make you happier is a debate for another day. But it is an indisputable fact that working in the field of artificial intelligence will allow you to reap money. Experts in the sector are rewarded with high pay rates and significant independence thanks to the great demand for experienced AI specialists. However, what will get you into the field is your mastery of the subject and talent. Uncertain about how to optimise your skills to land a job in the sector. Don’t worry. Praxis got you covered. Praxis has developed a versatile PGP in Data Science that will provide you with an unmatched and adequate platform to build the skills and proficiencies you need to jumpstart your career and land you an artificial intelligence job in India.

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