You walk into a liquor shop and you’re deciding what to buy. You see a big green spot on the floor inviting you to stand on it and “open your world”. How can you resist?

You step in and you hear a voice in your head.
“Hey there good looking. Yes, you! No one can hear me but you.”
You’re astonished. You look around. You see that others are going about their activities, oblivious to your unique experience. The voice goes on to flatter you a little more and then it drops the bomb. “Now, why would someone as cool as you choose any thing but a… Heinekin?”

The refrigerator is literally just two steps away. The iconic bottle green beckons and you walk towards it. You open the door and pick the bottle up. It’s done. You’re sold.

Besides, if this is what Heinekin can do without you even drinking the beer…

Heinekin achieved this by employing American inventor Woody Norris’s Hypersonic Sound (HSS) technology.

A few years ago, the serial entrepreneur also presented a TED talk on this invention.

The device works by sending out two ultrasonic waves of differing frequencies. These waves interfere at a particular point in space and create the illusion that the audio is originating at that point.

HSS in action.

Inventor F. Joseph Pompei has employed the same scientific principle to create his own directional sound system. Both inventors claim that their version of the invention is going to change the world. Similar to the Edison/Tesla, Edison/Swan, Graham Bell/Gray divide.

While the technology hasn’t yet taken consumer markets by storm, the corporate world is fairly interested in it.

Heineken is not the only brand that’s shown interest in this technology. Other brands such as Sony have employed it for on-ground commercial advertising, Mitsubishi has worked on developing directional music systems for automobiles.

Heinekin’s approach is more immersive than utilitarian. So much so, that one of the customers called it “the voice of god”.  And this kind of an approach can really ‘open up a world’ of possibilities for a nascent technology such as this.

We could look forward to seeing this technology being employed in various unorthodox circumstances. What kind of applications can you think of for this technology? Who knows, you might just get an idea for a new start-up endeavour.


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