Game of Group Projects!

Game of Group Projects!

So you have been assigned a group project and you must now choose a team that complements your abilities. Choose carefully, for in the Game of Group Project, you either win or you are stuck with a horrible team.

Yes, that was a reference to Game of Thrones.

Also, yes, to make things interesting, we are going to make a list of tropes you find in every group but use Game of Thrones characters to describe them.

Here goes, in no particular order!

The Hodor: The person who does all the drudge-work, spends considerable time and energy and has immense contribution to the team, but is sadly not given his due, mostly because of his limited communication skills.

The Bran: Apparently the most intelligent person in the group, who claims the ability to solve any problem in an instant but mostly makes Hodor do all his work – literally and figuratively riding on Hodor’s back – and is unnecessarily cryptic all the time!

The Tyrion Lannister: Fights against other people’s assumptions of him and is determined to prove himself and his ideas, finally achieves acceptance and even comes up with some clever plans but is terrible at executing them!

The Khaleesi: Shows immense concern about the project and everyone in the group but you still can’t help feeling that her contribution and participation in the group are all for personal glory.

The Hound: First impression aren’t very flattering, seems mean and vicious but then people realise his value as a team player. Don’t put him on the hot seat though, isn’t very comfortable with heat.

The Jon Snow: Doesn’t seem too aspirational at first, but realises that he has the required skills and abilities. Takes a leadership role and tries to see the best in everyone. Willing to take risks for the greater good of the group.

The Bronn: Tries to project a very casual image, makes it known that he doesn’t really care for the assignment and has better things to do; and still turns out to be an exceptional team player and an extremely valuable asset!

The Cersei: Don’t absolutely have this person in the team. Never!


Game of Group Projects!

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