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Digital Literacy Program

Digital Literacy Program by Praxis Business School

The Digital Literacy Program launched by Praxis Business School primarily aims to raise digital literacy awareness that will help the rural communities to lead in global digital economy.

This program also aims to help in shaping a technologically empowered society starting with a progressive focus on digital and general literacy from the grass root level.

The Digital Literacy Program by Praxis Business School further aims to enable educational institutions to adapt to a set of methodologies that will educate students in the field of computer science and internet in their formative years.

The Digital Literacy Program, which started on 30th September 2019 is largely be driven by the student community at Praxis where they conducted 2 day workshops at Shamali Bholanath High School, a neighbouring school.

We appreciates your participation in our very first project under Praxis Digital Literacy Program (PDLP).


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