More Bach than Beatles?
20 May, 2020

Deep learning algorithms are singing new tunes as AI now generates a wide range of musical genres In the year 2007, as a part of their album ‘Music Heads’, Israeli band Radio Trip had released an electronic track entitled ‘Computers Singing’. It was more of an eclectic dance song than…

Should we get back to class?
18 May, 2020

Enforced remote learning cannot be the solution, because not all is well with online teaching As the COVID-19 outbreak brings the world to a standstill, close to 170 countries in the world have shut down schools and educational institutes to keep their children safe. But life must go on, curricula…

Webinar on Career Prospects in Cyber Security
15 May, 2020

Analytics India Magazine in association with Praxis Business School is organizing a webinar on May 23, 2020. The webinar aims to help you understand the prospects of a career in Cyber Security in the post COVID19 world. Industry experts Koushik Nath, Security Architect at Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited, and Tathagata Datta, Director -…

Why the IT-ITES sector will need more trained Cyber Security Professionals?
11 May, 2020

Over the last few months, organisations that hold valuable client information have become easy targets of recent cyber security attacks. The post Covid 19 scenario will see a staggering need for trained Cyber Security professionals across sectors to combat these issues. The IT-ITES sector will see a huge demand of…

Word from the Wise: Quality Control for Data
10 May, 2020

Firms must ensure better data quality to make wiser business decisions As the world starts to find its feet surely but steadily while navigating through the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are facing severe issues surrounding management – primarily a lack of strategy and direction. Globally, most firms lacked adequate auxiliary measures…

The need for cyber security professionals on the rise in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector
9 May, 2020

With the ongoing pandemic and the demand for digitization across sectors as a mandate, the need of the hour for an organization is to be ‘cyber security ready’.  The gradual cognizance of the importance and adoption of cyber security as a ‘business enabler’ across industries can be conferred to the…

The PGDM 2020-22 batch starts its learning process online – The Praxis Way
8 May, 2020

Praxis Business School starts the Praxis Prep Program in an endeavour to engage the incoming PGDM Batch 2020-22. The Praxis Prep Program is a series of interactive sessions designed to prepare the students of the incoming PGDM batch for the exciting Praxis journey that lies ahead of them. Each session…

Demand for Cyber Security Professionals on the rise
4 May, 2020

As companies across the globe are still trying their level best to cope up with the crisis situation and manage their business operations, cyber security is being perceived as a 'must-have' enabler to keep businesses afloat and prepare better with a robust Business Continuity Planning approach for the unforeseen times.…

New Paradigms in Machine Learning
24 April, 2020

Dr.Sourav Saha Dean Academics and Director Executive Education at Praxis Business School spoke on New Paradigms in Machine Learning in the Machine Learning Developers Summit 2020. To listen to his take on the subject, click on : #machinelearning #datascience #praxisbusinessschool #datascienceeducation #highereducation

Sounds like COVID – AI-based app to detect COVID-19 through bronchial sound
19 April, 2020

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed an AI-based application that aims to improve the early-diagnostic processes of COVID-19 by automatically detecting its possible presence based on the unique properties of an affected person’s respiratory tract. COVID-19 patients have been found to have a few key distinguishable traits –…