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Alumni of Praxis shares his success story

Gurcharan Singh, alumni of Praxis Business School, Post Graduate Diploma in Management, batch 2011-2013 shares his journey and success story with us.

A student of BCOM in accounting and finance, Gurcharan joined the 2 year full-time PGDM at Praxis Business School in 2011 after qualifying the CAT examination.

The 2 years at Praxis gave a different exposure and experience altogether with the entire learning happening in the hostel life, he shares. Along with studies, Gurcharan was also actively involved with the cultural, social and sports activities of the college. He was the College President of the Finance Club of Praxis (FinCoP) and a member of the Spradha Committee (Spradha is the annual college business and cultural fest). During his journey in Praxis, Gurcharan also developed the skill and flair for writing in subject matters related to finance.

In December 2011, Gurcharan got the opportunity to do a Summer Internship in Grant Thornton LLP for Valuation Advisory Services. Upon completion of the internship and the final examinations, Gurcharan cracked the college placement and was offered a job by Deloitte, where he joined as Assistant Manager in GTPC – Financial Transactions. He worked in the position of Deputy Manager in Deloitte and after 4.5 years in the organization, made his next career move by joining Grant Thornton India LLP. He changed his vertical to the profile of Valuation Advisory under corporate banners in the organization.  Gurcharan recently joined PwC this December 2019 in a Valuations profile.

It has all along been a very enriching journey, starting from Praxis, where he learnt about different facets of the corporate culture, the challenges one has to face and how to cope with them, says Gurcharan. He believes that Praxis ingrained in him the desire of constant learning with the curve needing to go up as and when time progresses.

Gurcharan has fond memories in Praxis as a student, starting from the experiences of late night assignment submissions, adhering to deadlines, participating in back to back activities, appearing for the exams and perform for Rangmanch (the annual cultural event of Praxis Business School).

It is in Praxis where he learnt about the diverse concepts of Management and claims that the real life lessons imparted by the faculty were unparallel. Gurcharan happens to be an avid cricket follower and has played for the Praxis Premier League. “We were taught few things specifically that have stuck around like an armour,” says Gurcharan. Learning to be adaptable, accepting challenges, overcoming them and knowing the importance of multitasking are some of those.

Gurcharan says that Praxis teaches the students to respect each other’s opinion, think in a rational and logical way, and work upon solutions to problems which are in the best interest for the organization and the client. In his professional journey, Gurcharan has realized the importance to hold your ground while embracing different and diverse opinions and learning to deliver in the most challenging situations.

Gurcharan says that with time and the constant learning, one will get their due share of success. It is the need to keep pushing oneself to learn new things in every moment of their corporate life that is a driving force. “Do what you love and love what you do,” says the proud alumnus of Praxis Business School.