White Hat hacker jobs in high demand
20 February, 2020

The EC Council has listed 6597 Ethical Hacker jobs in LinkedIn and says that it is one of the fastest growing professions within the Cyber Security professional landscape with an average annual salary of US$91,000. Ethical hackers, often referred to as white hat hackers, are certified security professionals who are…

AI expands capacity of the ‘Travelling Salesman’ problem
20 February, 2020

The ‘Travelling Salesman’ problem is essentially a problem of combinatorial optimization, or simply, finding the most efficient route between two points out of all possible options. To tackle this, researchers at the Tokyo University of Science have used integrated circuits (ICs) to formulate a high-performance low-power AI-mapping system that can…

Sorting Cucumbers with Machine Learning
19 February, 2020

Is sorting cucumbers the job of machine learning? Well, apparently it is. Japanese farmer Makoto Koike – who did not have any prior knowledge of machine learning – used TensorFlow and employed deep learning to identify and sort different classes of cucumbers, while helping at his parents’ cucumber farm.  …

Who decides what you decide?
19 February, 2020

Have you ever wondered how, after you have searched online for that specific brand of cat food for your fussy cat just once, advertisements from that brand seem to follow you literally everywhere? Or how a quick search for gyms in your area prompts every web page or app to…

New cities for autonomous cars
18 February, 2020

What might change when autonomous vehicles take over? One thing that is sure to change is human behaviour – both for passengers on board and the people on road. But vast changes to city infrastructures are also on the cards. PwC predicts that by 2030, 40% of road travel in…

AI Cures: Intelligent path to artificial drug development and delivery
18 February, 2020

The first month of 2020 saw two near-magical developments in medical science – both using smart technology to directly treat patients. While a collaboration between British and Japanese researchers led to the invention of a drug by artificial intelligence (AI), scientists in China came up with a smart bandage that…

Praxis Inter House Table Tennis Tournament
17 February, 2020

Praxis Business School Congratulates the winners and participants of the Inter House Table Tennis Tournament 2020 . *Men's Singles* 1) Devesh Agarwal - House Takshashila 2) Praveen Kumar - House Ujjaini 3) Vivek Kumar - House Ujjaini *Women's Singles* 1) Priyanka Ghosh Dastidar - House Ujjaini 2) Sowmya Varanasi -…

Khoj & Alumni Meet 2020
13 February, 2020

Praxis Business School is delighted to present Khoj & Alumni Connect 2020 on 22nd February 2020. The combining of both the events this year is an endeavour to bring the current students and alumni under one platform, to Celebrate their Worth. Alumni Connect, Khoj and the Alumni Dinner are being…

Congratulating the Winning House Captains of 2020-21
12 February, 2020

Praxis Business School congratulates the winning House Captains of Ujjaini, Nalanda and Takshashila 2020-21. Celebrate your Worth. House Ujjaini - Shubham Roy, Rutul Lonare House Nalanda - Yash Kalola, Shuvojyoti Sen House Takshashila - Ansh Arora, Sakshi Saraf #praxisbusinessschool #housecaptain #winninghousecaptains #celebrateyourworth

Corporate Relations Manager
7 February, 2020

Objectives: To provide comprehensive career services to students and alumni of the Management and Analytics programs of Praxis Business School. To establish an effective engagement with the industry and leverage this engagement for placements, executive & weekend programs. Duties and Responsibilities: Build and maintain dynamic relationships with a variety of…