21 June, 2017

Advertising is, in the very basic sense, a means to communicate with consumers, both current and potential, by a company to publicise its products and services. It is a very dynamic concept and has evolved through the ages. From print to audio to visual and so on! Pranks on the…

The Miracle of Eden: Management lessons.
14 June, 2017

Cricket is arguably India's most popular sport and it's as much a game of bat and ball as it is of strategies and planning. Cricket, like most, sports demands not just skills in the sporting department but also requires exceptional management skills. And these management skills are not just restricted…

Hell Of An Esolang!
6 June, 2017

Let us tell you the tale of the Esoteric Programming Language or ESOLANG as they are often abbreviated to. These are programming languages that are designed less for practical use and more for experimentation and even sometimes as a joke. They are deliberately hard to program in and there is…

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