Burger King Of Issue Based Adverts!
25 January, 2018

We have already spoken about companies and organisations taking a stance for what they believe in and have also shared research about how that is often helpful for the brand and that consumers usually appreciate such a stance. Here is another such example. Burger King taking a stance against net…

Machine Learning and AI in Small Wonder
17 January, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. The term "artificial intelligence" is applied when a machine mimics "cognitive" functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as "learning" and "problem solving". Machine Learning on the other hand…

Cannae? Yes, you can!
13 December, 2017

This is the story of the Battle of Cannae, which more than two millennia after it happened, remains the benchmark for leadership and tactics! Leadership and tactics - qualities as important in war as they are in the modern boardroom! The battle was fought between the Romans and the Carthaginians…

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