Who is a Data Engineer

Who is a Data Engineer

A Data Engineer is the custodian of the organization’s biggest asset in the digital era – Data.

The digital era established a tectonic shift within the larger companies’ IT department where the ownership of the Organization’s data has silently moved from the Database Administrator to the Data Engineer. In this era, one of the biggest technology enablement’s is the means to consume a lot of data in the form of news, videos, blogs, posts etc.

Individually, each consumer’s are empowered to generate data. Along with consumer data, there is data internal to business, data about the market and data about competitors. The rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) allows the machine to participate in the data consumption and creation process. Collectively this massive store of data creates valuable assets for the Organization that can be harvested for actionable insights leading to competitive advantage for the business.

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