What does a Data Engineer do

What does a Data Engineer do

Being a custodian of the Organization’s biggest asset – a Data Engineer is supposed to first make sure that every bit of data that gets generated is getting stored properly.

This stream of data coming from Portable Computing devices & Social Media uploads in the form of blogs, posts, pictures, videos along with machine generated data ensures a growing standard and norms in the data shapes, sizes and forms.

A data engineer makes sure that the container for data storage is robust and secure enough to handle all the varieties and flavours of data.

For the data that is sensitive and/or very valuable, the right security and strong digital lock is enforced to protect it from any attacks.

To keep such an asset safe, it has to be backed up using a failsafe mechanism so that in the event of any loss or breach, the data can be retrieved.

The various uncertainties and risks in handling large data volumes, emerging data varieties, increasing data velocity and varying data sensitivity stored at secured data vaults spread across several global locations and made available to data owners on demand privately.

Such a complex mechanism is all managed seamlessly by an army of competent people who are called Data Engineers.

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