Top websites to get updates about the evolving data industry

Top websites to get updates about the evolving data industry

The data science field  is expanding to meet the demands of Artificial Intelligence-related technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Individuals may find it difficult to keep track of the various changes in the business as a result of the industry’s fast developments. This post will provide a list of some of the most valuable blogs and data science websites for all data science enthusiasts including students, freshers and professionals. This list of data science blogs includes websites that provide current news, trends, and expert perspectives, in addition to guidance and learning tools. If you’re just starting out and want to learn more about the data industry, here’s a list of blogs to check out.

  1. Data Science Central

DataScienceCentral serves as a one-stop-shop for anything relevant to data science and big data. This data science website gives vital information on the most recent tools, technologies, and trends, as well as industry employment possibilities. Discussion and views regarding critical issues are provided by industry experts. In addition, the site offers forums, groups, and membership to encourage social engagement within the data science community. It offers a content-rich platform to a wide range of readers, with over 350 articles. Enthusiasts are always welcome to share their thoughts and offer the newest results from the field of Data Science to others.

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  1. What’sTheBigData?

What’sTheBigData offers a unique perspective to data science, focusing on the implications of big data expansion. Gil Press is a Big Data thought leader who has contributed to the development of some of the milestones in predicting the quantity and expansion of digital data. This blog examines how big data interacts with and affects technology, business, and other issues.aThis data science website is an excellent source of Big Data, data science, and related news and opinion.

  1. InsideBIGDATA

InsideBIGDATA is a data science blog that focuses on machine learning. Their editorial is focused on big data, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. All of the articles are nicely organized by topic, making it easy to hone in on a certain issue. They provide regular updates and news on the most recent IT strategies and technology. This data science website has factual information provided in a variety of formats such as reports, newsletters, tools, white papers, and interviews with some of the leading influencers in the field of Data Science.

  1. Simply Statistics

SimplyStatistics is the blog for you if you can’t get enough statistics. It is managed by three biostatistics academics who write about a multitude of statistics in big data and how they are utilized by data scientists in a variety of disciplines. This data science website included a range of papers and other content on statistical techniques and deep data analysis. There are practical examples as well as theoretical information, and the site is pretty often updated. They also feature interviews with data scientists on their jobs and roles in the industry for any new statisticians seeking to go into the field.

  1. Data Science 101

Data Science 101 includes all of the materials that prospective data scientists will need to learn the craft. Swanstrom has worked with well-known companies such as Microsoft and Wells Fargo. He offers not only study resources but also field experience in this data Science website blog. Data Science 101 began in 2012 and is now one of the main blogs for studying data science resources. The site publishes new content on a regular basis, covering subjects ranging from the best firms to work for if you’re a data scientist to job interview advice.

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