Top data scientists to follow on Twitter

Top data scientists to follow on Twitter

Data science plays a vital role in the current world and will play a huge role in the future to solve all the problems that seem unsolvable now. As a student or anyone interested in data science, you need to be updated about the latest news regarding data science, Artificial Intelligence, and every other technology that will help save the world. So, what better place to do that than Twitter?

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Twitter, one of the leading social media platforms in the 21st century and also one of the chattiest technologies is the place where people share their opinions and make memes go viral with the entire world. However, instead of using Twitter as a pleasure mechanism that distracts you from deep work, you can transform it into a platform for learning and exploring new ideas. Here are some of the top data scientists to follow on Twitter.

Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun is a famous personality in the tech world. He is a French computer scientist who heads the AI department at Facebook. Yann Specialises in Machine Learning, computer vision, robots, and computational nanoscience. He is the founding director of the NYU center for Data Science. Considered as one of the pioneers in the field, he has also received A.M Turing Award for his innovations in the field of deep learning in 2018. 

Follow Yann LeCun on Twitter 

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Kirk Borne

Kirk Borne is an analytics veteran, educator, space scientist with Ph.D. in Astrophysics, and more! He has taught Data Science, statistics, data ethics, computational modeling, and more for 12 years at Mason University. He has also worked with NASA for more than a decade. Currently, Kirk is working at Booz Allen as the principal data scientist. He is an important personality in the world of data science and if you’re serious about data science, you should follow him on Twitter.

Follow Kirk Borne on Twitter 

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Sebastian Thurn

Some of you might have heard his name in the tech world- Sebastian Thurn is the founder of Google X, a research project intended to investigate far-off technologies and possibilities. Google X is the project that is behind Google Glass, Autonomous vehicles, and more technologies. He is also the founder of Udacity, an educational platform. Currently, Thurn works as a researcher at Stanford University. He is one of the top data scientists you should follow on Twitter.

Follow Sebastian Thurn on Twitter 

Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng is one of the most prolific specialists in the world of AI and ML. He is the co-founder of the Google Brain project, deep learning, and AI research division of Google. He worked as the vice president and Chief scientist at Baidu, leading its AI group. He also co-founded the popular educational platform, Coursera.  

Follow Andrew Ng on Twitter 

Wes McKinney

If you’re a Python master, Wes McKinney is a data scientist that you should know. Wes McKinney is the founder of the data library Pandas that is intended for Python coding language. He also created Ibis data and Apache Parquet and is also the co-creator of Apache Arrow. If you’re a coding geek, Wes McKinney is one of the top data scientists you must follow on Twitter.

Follow McKinney on Twitter

The application of data science to business and IT is keeping the world moving forward in this data-driven world. So, if you’re curious and want to feed your brain with the latest news and information about data science, this list of top data scientists to follow on Twitter would help you. But remember, Twitter is only as good as the people you follow.  

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