Top Data Science Companies in Hyderabad

Top Data Science Companies in Hyderabad

The 21st century has witnessed data evolve into a major element in the corporate world. This sharp rise in the use of data has led to fields like data science being popularly adopted worldwide and a subsequent hike in the need for data scientists has been witnessed. The growing storm of data has also led to a drastic surge in the need for data science companies. Hyderabad, a major IT hub in India houses several such emerging and established companies and is home to a plethora of opportunities for young aspiring data scientists. This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of the top data science companies in Hyderabad.

Top 5 Data Science Companies in Hyderabad

1. Kanerika Inc

Kanerika Inc is an IT services company that specializes in providing data integration, data analytics, and robotic process automation solutions to enterprises. Established in 2015, Kanerika grew to become a reputable name in the space and has also built solid partnerships with Incorta, Microsoft, UiPath, BluePrism and many more. Kanerika is known for crafting novel strategies leveraging the power of proprietary digital consulting frameworks and composable solution architecture.

2. Vitwit

Vitwit is an industry leader in providing state of the art artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud solutions. They help businesses with automation using applied artificial intelligence, and aid in decentralizing and securing IT infrastructure with their unique Blockchain services. Their constant commitment to cutting no corners when it comes to providing solutions has helped them establish their position amongst the top data science companies in Hyderabad.

3. SetuServ

Founded in 2012 and backed by leading investors and industry practitioners, SetuServ takes pride in combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence to build custom solutions for a wide array of clients. SetuServ is known for leveraging text analytics solutions in an innovative and novel manner. They are building Voice of Customer (VoC) products using NLP and curation. SetuServ’s solutions have helped clients understand their customers better and derive actionable insights based on their needs.

4. XenonStack

XenonStack is a widely trusted Enterprise Data and AI Platform development and solutions company with clients from all over the world. Founded in 2016, XenonStack helps companies undergo a digital transformation with cloud-native, augmented data and AI strategy. Their clients involve Verizon, Dell EMC, BlackBerry, Farmers Insurance, Comcast, Xerox and many more, a major reason why they’re one of the best data science companies in Hyderabad.

5. DataFactz

DataFactz is a data analytics company focused on enabling data-driven transformations. Led by a team of remarkable data scientists and analysts, DataFactz has developed a pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach, that has helped them make a name as the leader in providing a disruptive solution to multiple industries. The company is specialized in providing solutions along the line of business intelligence, dashboards & visualization, and advanced analytics.
These are but a few of the top data science companies in Hyderabad. There are several more titans in the market who are constantly looking for talented data science professionals and graduates to join their teams. We at Praxis understand what these companies are looking for and have curated a PGP in Data Science to help students meet the industry standard and surpass them. With a state of the art syllabus and amazing tie-ups, this course can definitely help you kickstart your career and give you the boost so definitely deserve.

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