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The TiVo Prankvert

Last week we wrote about Prankvertising, this week we are sharing an example (click on the link at the end of this post) of such. In this ‘prankvert’, TiVo pranks movie goers by inserting a commercial in the middle of the film. The point being, that no one likes their films interrupted. This highlights the fact that the TiVo is free of such interruptions and thus promoting their unique selling point!

Do note, how TiVo makes up for the prank by hosting an after party and ‘gifting’ each audience member with a free sample of their product. This obviously doubles up as the second level in this smoothly integrated and layered promotional strategy.

Now imagine this prank in India. Our movie going audience is used to having their experience interrupted. Our movies have an interval anyway. It’s a story of two halves. Would such a stunt work in India? What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!

Ad of the Day: Watch TiVo Crash a Movie Theater and Interrupt a Film With Commercials

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