The most powerful quantum computer?

The most powerful quantum computer?

The power of a computer is determined by how fast it can…well…compute! As physical components keep on shrinking, processing speed keeps on expanding at amazing rates. All key players in the industry have joined in a never-ending race to crunch more-and-more data in less-and-less time. And quantum computing is the new buzzword in this respect.

To put it in absolute layman’s terminology, quantum computing depends on the principles of superconductors. This traditionally involves cooling down conducting material to mindboggling sub-zero levels, which enhances the material’s conductivity manifold. Circuits built with such superconductors will naturally have superfast transmission abilities and speed up the entire computing process. This was the road down which giants like Google and IBM were proceeding when they announced big developments in quantum computing in 2019.

Suddenly, we have a new player from a different domain claiming to have built the world’s most powerful quantum computer.U.S. company Honeywell, specializing in home thermostats, have announced that it will release world’s fastest quantum computing technology within three months. Apparently, this company has been silently exploring options other than traditional superconducting technology to come up with its quantum solution.

Honeywell’s quantum computer uses ion traptechnology, where ionsare held in place with electromagnetic fields. This allows them to maintain their quantum state longer and more accurately compared to superconducting quantum chips.According to company claims, quantum computers running on ion trap technology will have double the speeds of IBM’s fastest machine, Q System One. However, until a prototype is released and tested, experts are reserving their verdict.

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