Singapore a breeding ground for cyber-attacks?

Singapore a breeding ground for cyber-attacks?

A dubious distinction: Cybersecurity major Kaspersky has recently published its global study results on cyber threats for 2019. In it, Singapore is ranked 10thas a source of cyber-attack incidents. It occupied the 8th position in 2018, so this can be considered an improvement of sorts – though it remains one of the top sources of online security threats in the world. At Rank 10, it was still the breeding ground for a mindboggling 11 million attacks in 2019. The reassuring part? This figure represents a 150% reduction compared to 2018!

The webof danger: According to Kaspersky data, the most common online threat activities in Southeast Asia are: inadvertent downloadof toxic files, malicious e-mail attachments, browser extensions activity, and malicious communications with command and control servers. Kaspersky also observed a significant increase in online skimming activities to steal user account information via malware, over the past year.

Action time: Authorities in Singapore have been taking big measures to contain the threats because government agencies are direct victims. Last year, personal data of 2,400 employees of Singapore’s Ministry of Defence were leaked online. The deputy prime minister of the city state, Heng Swee Keat, who is also its finance minister, recently announced that their Cyber Security Agency is about to implement advanced security measures based on developments in artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the internet of things. The government has allocated 1bn Singaporean dollars over the next three years for this purpose. Supporting the initiative, Kaspersky, on its part, has promised to share any threat intelligence with Interpol.

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