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Session at Machine Learning Developers Summit 2020 by Praxis faculty

Dr. Sourav Saha, Director Executive Education at Praxis Business School delivers a session on Machine Learning 4.0 – from Computational Intelligence to Quantum Intelligence at the Machine Learning Developers Summit 2020 in Bangalore, presented by Analytics India Magazine.

An Educator and Machine Learning professional in the Advanced Analytics domain, Dr. Sourav Saha discusses about how Machine Learning has come a long way from being a topic of interest for academicians and research labs to the everyday usage in our personal lives.

The topic coverage starts from the basics of Linear Algebra & Data Mining to all the way upto the current state of art Deep Learning that are being used to solve computationally difficult problems.

As we move towards analyzing complex data to build the state-of-art Artificial Intelligence, there is a need for paradigm shift in how problem are being solved. There has been a renewed interest to the studies of natural systems that often holds the key to algorithms for complex problems.

Without going into the details of the underlying mathematics, the talk aims at re-looking at the impact of Computational Intelligence to Quantum Machine Intelligence.

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