Real Estate to Plumbing and Mushrooms

Real Estate to Plumbing and Mushrooms

This gentleman here, M Seagle, is an American businessman and Real Estate developer and has been involved in numerous projects since the 1950s in the Seattle area. He owned a private asphalt construction business which he sold off in 1998 to the Irish concern CRH plc, for integration into its Oldcastle Materials unit.

But his legacy comes from the time in 1981 when he had rented out one of his warehouses to a company, to use as their American headquarters. The company, at the time, was struggling for a bit, and therefore got behind on their rent payment. They were however confident that their latest offering waiting for release would really do well in the American market.

Seagle, nevertheless, wasn’t too happy about the late rent payments and paid the company a visit, there was a heated argument and in the end, the company’s America President, managed to placate him with a promise that the rent would be paid soon. And this was the meeting that sealed Seagle’s legacy.

The company in question was Nintendo, their latest release was going to be Donkey Kong and the meeting/argument with M Seagle gave them the inspiration for their lead character’s name.

The Italian plumber/adventurer, who is forever told that his princess is in another castle, and is probably addicted to hallucinogenic mushrooms, is named after MARIO Seagle.

And if you haven’t watched it already, check out the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, dressed up as Mario in the Closing Ceremony of the Rio Olympics, here at this link.

Real Estate to Plumbing and Mushrooms

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