Python for Data Analytics

Python for Data Analytics

Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that is known for its functionality and versatility. With its built-in data structures and dynamic typing and binding, Python is an ideal choice for app development and scripting. Python is a must-have skill for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in data analytics. This article will take you through various reasons highlighting the importance of python for data analytics.

Importance of Python for Data Analytics

Below are some points that help highlight the importance of python for data analytics

  • Greater Flexibility

Python is known for its versatility and flexibility, which makes it a popular choice amongst data scientists and analysts. Pythons flexibility allows for the creation of data models, the systemization of data sets, the development of ML-powered algorithms and web services and the completion of heavy tasks in shorter intervals using data mining. 

  • Collection of Huge Libraries

Python has many free libraries that are open to the public, a major point why it’s widely used in data analytics. Libraries such as Pandas, SciPy, StatsModels etc, are essential in the study of data science and in carrying out proper data analytics. With an active community backing the language, more and more libraries are being developed and published at constant intervals.

  • Easy to Learn

Python at its core focuses on simplicity and readability, while also providing a massive array of options for data analytics. This makes it an ideal tool for beginners to work upon. The programming language offers the users the advantage of using fewer lines of code to accomplish tasks than one needs, which is why many professionals opt python for data analytics. 

  • Comes with Built-In Data Analytics Tools

Python, with its built-in data analytics tools, is an ideal choice for aspiring data analysts and scientists. These tools can easily penetrate patterns, correlate information in extensive sets, and provide better insights, all leading to an overall enhancement in performance.

The importance of python for data analytics is something that cannot be overlooked. With astounding functionalities and flexibility, it is an ideal choice for beginners and experienced professionals alike. Mastering Python will help you travel long distances in your arduous journey. Praxis, a premier business school, have identified the key skills and tools needed for one to become a remarkable data scientist. Equipped with this knowledge, we have carefully curated a one of a kind PGP in Data Science with the aim to develop the next generation of outstanding data scientists. Our placement records and amazing tie-ups are just glaring proof of why we are indeed the ideal choice for you to get the exposure needed to kickstart your career.

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