Praxis moves ahead with the Digital Literacy Program

Praxis moves ahead with the Digital Literacy Program

Change-makers are empowered leaders and Praxis Business School has proved that by being a part of the National Digital Literacy Drive.

Praxis Business School has started the Digital Literacy Program from October 2019 aiming to meet the growing desire among students in rural India to be part of its modernization process.

The Digital Literacy Program Workshops, largely driven by the student community of the college have started the drive in two neighbouring rural schools, Rasapunja P K High School and Samali Bholanath High School. 

While the Digital Literacy Program workshop was conducted in Samali Bholanath High School in October 2019, the students of Rasapunja P K High School were present in the Praxis Business School Kolkata Campus on 11th & 12th December 2019 to attend the workshop.

The Digital Literacy program conducted by Praxis Business School aims to shape a technologically empowered society starting with a progressive focus on digital and general literacy from the grass root level.

“As we contribute to expand the Digital Literacy Program in every corner of our society, we move a step closer in creating a stronger and better skilled workforce in the country,” says Professor Singh, Founder-Director, Praxis Business School Foundation. The focus is on empowering the students of the rural districts with digital education, which further enhances the digital citizens of the future, he adds.

The target of the Digital Literacy drive is to enable educational institutions in the rural areas of our country that do not have the required infrastructure or resource to impart digital education to adapt to a set of methodologies that will educate students in the field of computer science and internet in their formative years.

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