PGDM in Business Analytics- Scope and Job Opportunity

PGDM in Business Analytics- Scope and Job Opportunity

In times of this disruptive technology upheaval, rightfully, data has become a prominent asset to a business enterprise mainly because of its endless uses and channel options. In the past years, various multinational companies have grown bigger because they can leverage data to their advantage. In simple words, Business Analytics means analyzing business data to make decisions for the future. It is a process of studying, analyzing, sorting, and processing business data of the past to improve business decisions of the future. Analysis of business data needs a combination of applications, skills, and technology to gain an understanding that can be useful to various departments like finance, marketing, and management.

The course of PGDM in Business Analytics helps businesses in dealing with data-driven and technology environments in the world of business where there is a need to save expenses and increase efficiency.

Top Career Paths for the Business Analysts

Investment and banking sector:

Career profile includes Financial Analyst, Investment Analyst, and bank analyst. Special financial decisions such as generating summary reports, looking over financial models, structuring documentation relating to financial arrangements, ensuring compliance with federal regulations, etc., are some responsibilities and roles of a business analyst who works in this sector.

Advertising and marketing industry:

Career profile includes Campaign Manager, Marketing Manager, and Market research Analyst. The marketing industry uses the qualification of data analysts by taking their marketing mix ideas. Pitching a product, the target customers at the perfect time, or forecasting fluctuations are the decisions that can be made through the expert guidance of the business analyst.

Healthcare sector:

Executing and devising policy frameworks as well as maintaining databases for the medical facility as the key responsibilities of a healthcare analyst, alongside evaluating and providing input that substantiates plausible solutions.

Software and Information technology sector:

The career profile includes Project Manager, IT Analyst, and Software Analyst. The role of a business analyst in the tech industry spans different responsibilities that range from the initiation of any project to its execution. Establishing effective communications between developers and stakeholders to lay out the needs, taking over research specifications, defining the scope, and conducting acceptance tests come under the working bracket of the business analyst.

Human Resource sector:

Career profiles include HR Director, HR Analyst, HR Strategist, and HR Consultant. Candidates in search of work as an analyst in the HR sector need to fulfill responsibilities like analyzing statistics to bring out patterns in recruitment, turnover, hiring practices, employment regulations, and organizational policies.

As a profession, Business analytics is becoming a broadly pursued domain for its applicability across various industries. Mining and crunching data to squeeze a lot of strategic resolutions and to implement them for the purposeful movement is a skill excelled by business analysts. Hence students taking up this degree shine to work in dynamic, respectable, and challenging roles with many career opportunities. Join Praxis Business School, one of the popular institutes for the PGDM in business analytics, to enhance your skills.

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