Important Data Engineering Interview Questions 2022!

Important Data Engineering Interview Questions 2022!

Data engineering is booming, the industry has a lot of vacancies for skilled data engineers who can easily secure high paying jobs with an experience of one to four years. But to secure a good job on your way to a successful career, the first step is passing the interview.

Giving an interview can be an anxious experience no matter how well prepared you are. No matter if you’re a fresher searching for a data engineering job or an experienced data engineer giving the interview, there are a set of important data engineering interview questions which are common for all. Want to know which questions you should know the answers to?

Here is a list of Important Data Engineering Interview Questions 2022 that you must know!

What is data engineering?

This question may sound pretty basic to you but the answer to this will help your interviewer determine whether you know what the job entails. So, the answer to this is that data engineering is designing and building pipelines through which the data can be transformed and transported into a highly usable format for the end-users. 

Do you know the difference between the role of a data scientist and a data engineer?

Sometimes the role of a data scientist and a data engineer may clash, by this question, the interviewer is trying to know if you have clarity about your role. A data scientist interprets and analyzes big data whereas the data engineer creates an infrastructure for them to work upon.

What are the important applications and frameworks used in data engineering?

This question is used to determine your knowledge base and skill set, you can mention the different frameworks you used along with the level of experience you have in each.

You can also mention different applications you use like SQL, python and more along with your level of experience in each. You can also mention if you would like to learn more about a specific framework or application if given the opportunity.

What do you understand by data modelling?

One of the most important data engineering interview questions asked is about data modelling. The interviewer wants to test your knowledge by this question. Data modelling is the first step towards the data design phase and analysis. You can answer this by drawing a conceptual diagram showing the three models- Conceptual, logical and physical model.

What are the recent challenges you encountered in your last project and how did you overcome them?

By this question, the employer wants to know how you react to difficulties and assess your problem-solving skills. You can answer this question by dividing it into four parts. First, Brief them about the whole situation due to which the problem occurred. Then, tell them about your role in solving the problem, after that elaborate the steps you took to solve the crisis and lastly, brief them about the result of your actions and your learning experience.

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