How to select the Best Machine Learning course in India?

How to select the Best Machine Learning course in India?

In today’s technologically advanced world, the impact of AI and ML is beyond imagination. The demand for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) professionals in almost every industry across the globe is compelling the students and employees to learn AI and ML.  

If you’re thinking about selecting a Machine Learning course in India, you’re on the right path to success and growth. In India, the skilled talent pool for Machine Learning Engineers is very limited right now, while the demand for Machine Learning professionals is increasing day by day. As you can see, the scope of Machine Learning in India is high in comparison to other career fields when it comes to job opportunities and pays. A recent report by Gartner says that there will be more than 2.3 million jobs in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by 2022. According to a report by upGrad , the average salary of a Machine Learning engineer is around 7 lakhs per annum.

So, you want to select the best Machine Learning course in India, but you’re not sure how to choose it? Here are a few tips for choosing the best Machine Learning course in India.

Tips to select the right machine learning course:

Define your goals

AI and ML is a growing industry and there are a lot of roles and specializations in the industry. Some of the hottest and in-demand Machine Learning job roles in India include Machine learning Engineer, Data scientist, Data analyst, Data architect, Research engineer, Computer Vision Engineer, Data Engineer, and Algorithm Engineer. So, you need to concentrate on the type of role you want to choose and focus on it. This way, you’ll be more refined and have a clear career goal. This is the first step you need to follow to select the best machine Learning course in India.

Consider the experience of the institute or the trainer

Once you are clear on the career path that you are going to follow, the next crucial step you need to do is pick a medium for learning. Today, most students pick online learning over offline classroom learning, but offline classroom learning has a certain edge over online courses. It gives you the whole classroom experience and sets you up for more serious learning. So, after you’ve shortlisted the Machine Learning courses, you need to ensure that the institute or trainer has good experience as it helps you gain the right industry knowledge.

Ensure that practical sessions are included

Machine Learning is a course that demands practical knowledge. You need to get your hands dirty with data structures, data mining, and visualization, algorithms, Mathematics, coding, and robotics. So, you need to find a course that not only covers the theoretical aspects of the concept but also includes practical sessions for a holistic Machine Learning course learning experience. It is crucial that you need to practice all the Machine Learning concepts that you’re learning throughout the way to pick up on skills faster. That is what Praxis Business School endeavors to bring to you – a Machine Learning course that combines the art and science of theoretical learning with the virtues of practical training. Thus, you need to ensure that your Machine Learning course gives more importance to practical learning.

Check the Placement Reviews

At this point, you would have more or less shortlisted the list of Machine Learning courses that best suits your goal. Now, next comes one of the most important steps. You need to check the placement status and reviews of that institute. You need to check stats like how many percentages of students getting placed every year? What are the companies that are hiring students from that institute? What are the average and highest salary packages? Taking a data science course in a reputed institute like Praxis that has excellent placement stats and achievements will help you get placed in a good company with a good salary package. So, make sure that you do check the placement reviews before applying for any course.

Speak to Alumni

This is one of the most underrated effective ways to know in-depth about the Machine Learning course and the institute. Interacting with the institute’s alumni can help you gain the best insight into the course. You’ll know everything you need to know about the course details, the practical ratio of the curriculum, mentor experience, placement record, and the learning process. This way you can select the best Machine Learning course in India easily. 

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