Guest Lecture session on Market Research

Guest Lecture session on Market Research

Praxis Business School had a guest lecture session conducted by Mr Aruni Ghosh. Mr Ghosh is a consumer insights professional having worked in this field for 18 years. He has had stint in product and service management and started his career working in research agencies, Blackstone Market Facts, Synovate, and Nielsen.

He has experience working on areas like market mapping and customer satisfaction, as well as with clients across industries like media, technology and various products and services. His specific areas of interest are advanced analytics.

He has been a team leader in the Asian and Middle East (innovation area vertical) regions and has thereafter shifted to Philip Morris International and is based the Philippines. Currently he is responsible for the region cluster handling Philippines, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

His role involves market research projects and methodologies, particularly focusing on advanced analytics at global scale. Having rekindled his interest in academics, is currently pursuing EFPM from IIM Kashipur and has presented in five European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) events. He is also active in academic publications.

Mr Ghosh addressed the Praxis students sharing his experiences as a “doer” of market research in Market Research firms to a “user” of market research to take business decisions globally. The session contained various real-life example to emphasize the fact that Market Research is not just about correct “sampling” or using “regression” during a data analysis; rather, it is more about understanding consumers and helping marketers to reduce the risk of taking wrong decisions.

Mr Ghosh also stressed on some “life lessons” for B-School students in careers related to consumer insights – the importance of good communication skills, the correct trade-off between “speed” and “accuracy” and the importance of “ethics” in businesses.

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