From remote surgery to seamless video calls – 5G will make AI mainstream

From remote surgery to seamless video calls – 5G will make AI mainstream


With its promise of almost zero latency, transmission speeds 100 times faster than 4G and the ability to slice networks, 5G will have a huge impact on the way we work and even transform it. What’s more, it will make Artificial Intelligence (AI) more ubiquitous and mainstream.

One of the significant roadblocks to leverage AI in the workplace has been the lack of powerful network technology. Wherever huge data sets are involved, storing, processing, and visualizing on the cloud require high-speed networks. 5G’s superfast communication speed and the ability to handle massive volumes of data will unleash the true benefits of AI for everyone.

Network slicing is the foundational concept behind the rise of 5G. Mobile carriers “slice” the network into separate tracks, each dedicated to a specific application, service, or device. It enables carriers to prioritize allocation of bandwidth depending on the mission-criticality of the work being performed. For instance, bandwidth needs for an autonomous car, a remote surgery in progress, functioning of a robotic arm in a factory, or a video file being downloaded – vary widely. Telecom carriers will use AI to identify these needs and allocate bandwidth accordingly.

Truly enabling remote working in real time will probably be the most significant benefit of 5G in the workplace. The gig economy is already growing at a rapid pace, and this could be accelerated by 5G technology. Today, there’s always a risk of a video call becoming pixelated, an email getting delayed, or remote attendance tools malfunctioning due to poor network coverage. These issues will become a thing of the past in the 5G era. Remote employees will feel more connected to their on-premise peers – and there will be an increase in the number of fully distributed workforces.

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