Data Science vs Computer Science

Data Science vs Computer Science

Data Science and Computer Science are two independent disciplines that have become symbiotic in their respective ways. These two subjects have garnered interest in the modern age where data has become the equivalent of digital gold. Indeed, data feed computers, the generation of resultant data from the interaction between users and computers, and the consequent analysis of such information is a separate character of its own. This article will help you understand the nuance that is data science vs computer science.

Data Science

Data Science can be defined as the culmination of the scientific process, mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, specialized programming, and general social observations to observe, uncover and explain niches of business ideas based on the data.

The set of skills that are necessary to become a data scientist is a rare concoction and thus it comes as no surprise that data scientists are currently in high demand. According to an IBM survey forecasted for 2020, the number of job openings in the field continues to grow at over 5% every year, and the data science jobs in Bangalore are piquing everyone’s interests.

Computer Science

Computer Science is the field that deals with the study of computers, their theoretical and practical applications as well as their algorithmic foundations. The subject is not necessarily limited to such and can encompass the study of both hardware and software and information processing. 

Computer Science draws some of its foundations from mathematics and engineering thus needing the incorporation of subjects such as probability and statistics. Despite these common grounds, the subject is more closely related to the likes of computer engineering, information systems, information technology, and software engineering.

Difference Between Data Science and Computer Science

  1. Computer Science is mainly used for digital advancements and technological growth. Data Science however is the management of data and data analysis.
  2. Computer Science is an older branch of study while Data Science is a relatively newer field. In many ways, computer science can be credited with bringing forth data science as a viable field.
  3. Computer science broadly covers the entire technology field and is a superset of data science in quite a few ways. Data science concerns itself with the innate details of data, its study, and the resultant analyses.
  4. The primary benefits of computer science are technological advancements and improved performance of technological devices. Data science is mainly excelled at managing data and reducing data redundancy.
  5. Nearly all technological fields may see the use of computer science, however, data science finds use in selective fields where data is placed with high value.

Both Data science and Computer science have almost become the bread and butter of the modern technological way of business and strategy. This prompts a proper understanding of either subject. The Post Graduate Program in Data Science here at Praxis can be a great chance for you to enroll in a top-notch program with astounding placement records and a well-curated curriculum. Learn more about the curriculum and placement stats of our Data Science Course in Kolkata and Data Science Course in Bangalore or know more about the opportunities for Data Science jobs for freshers and Data Science freelance jobs.



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