Capstone Project on Customer-Review-Based-Product-Comparison-System

Capstone Project on Customer-Review-Based-Product-Comparison-System

Praxis Business School presented the paper ‘Comparative Analysis of Similar Products Based On Customer Reviews’ in the 3rd National Conference on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, organized by DCAL, IIMB at Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi.

Professor Gourab Nath, Assistant Professor of Data Science, Praxis Business School, who also mentored the project on ‘Customer-Review-Based-Product-Comparison-System’ discussed how it may look like.

The product prototype was designed by a team of students of Post Graduate Program in Data Science from Praxis Business School, Bangalore (July 2019 batch) as a part of their Capstone Project.

Professor Nath describes that the system will allow users to choose two similar products. After that, it will automatically extract the frequently mentioned product features which are common to both the products – group similar product features (e.g. battery life, battery performance, battery backup, etc. are grouped into a single bin named battery) so that each category gets good review support – extract the opinions (their strengths + polarity) associated with each feature – then put them in a comparative scale for summarization. The project was designed based on some very popular research works on Natural language processing (NLP).

View the project video at :

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