7 Best Career Options For PGDM Students

7 Best Career Options For PGDM Students

A multitude of professional prospects is offered by the PGDM, which has grown in popularity over time. Over time, the demand for PGDM graduates has surged by more than 120%. Here are some fantastic career alternatives for you to pick from as the work market continues to expand. Let’s discuss the top 7 career options that are increasing and flourishing in the market as we move forward.

Human Resource Manager

A specialist who oversees the operation of the HR department is known as an HR manager. An HR manager is responsible for hiring and interviewing potential new hires, developing training and development programmes, promoting an open work environment, working with other organisational departments, and many other duties.

Information Technology Manager

An IT manager is one of the various job options that exist now that IT has gained attention. An IT manager’s duties include overseeing the business’s governance and ethics. Because the decisions an IT manager makes are wholly dependent on data, this duty also includes conducting data analysis.

Investment Banker

A specialist who delivers financial services to governments, organisations, investors, and other groups is known as an investment banker. Investment bankers are in charge of managing investments, approving corporate loans, raising funds for stock issues, and negotiating mergers.

Management Consultant

A management consultant assists a company in problem-solving, enhancing productivity, creating value, and maximising growth. A management consultant’s duties may include analysing business financial data, creating presentations, leading a team, and conducting client-employee interviews, among many more.

Data Analyst

One of the professions that are in high demand both in India and internationally is data analyst. Data analysts are specialists that translate numbers, statistics, figures, and other data into English so that all members of the organisation may better understand the data.

Private Equity

An organisation that manages investments but is not publicly traded is referred to as a private equity firm. They make money by charging clients fees. Despite being smaller than investment banks, private equity firms have a flatter hierarchy, which facilitates quicker decision-making between employers and employees.


For PGDM graduates, entrepreneurship has emerged as one of the top career options. Since PGDM graduates are trained to manage the business, entrepreneurial abilities can now be developed over time without the need for prior experience. Entrepreneurship demands knowledge, abilities, and original, appropriate, and necessary for social concepts.

You have a tonne of possibilities from which to select based on your interests. Due to the versatility of the PGDM degree, you can select the ideal alternative and turn it into a successful one. With us, at Praxis you can learn any of the above skills from the best minds in the field. One of the top PGDM courses in Kolkata aims to equip students with the managerial perspectives, analytical abilities, and knowledge necessary to lead business companies in an increasingly digital and highly competitive world. Students study the principles of business, how they are used in the real world, and how to think critically and use analytical tools to make wise decisions.

Praxis offers a setting that promotes learning and personal development. We provide you with the freedom to contemplate, inquire, argue, absorb, and experiment; this allows you to learn by doing and without inhibition.

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