Missing Type Campaign
19 September, 2016

The thing with humans is that they are notoriously fragile. One little mishap, a small insect bite, sometimes just a change of weather and they find themselves sick, injured or in a hospital. And, worse, science hasn't yet caught up with creating artificial substitutes for the body. If we need…

Bunny Business!
14 September, 2016

What is pink, fuzzy and runs on batteries? Bunnies obviously! Specifically the Duracell and the Energizer bunnies. There are differences obviously, first up, the Duracell Bunny is less of a bunny and more of a species. Also, it’s older, existing since the 70s. The Energizer Bunny is more stylish, has…

Turnaround, like a Tata!
12 September, 2016

Mr Praveen Kadle, Managing Director and CEO of Tata Capital Limited. A graduate in Commerce & Accountancy from Bombay University and a Chartered Accountant, Cost & Works Accountant and Company Secretary. He joined the Tata Group in 1996 as the Chief Financial Officer of Tata's Joint Venture with IBM in…

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