Financial Legacy of the Montreal Olympics
12 August, 2016

The Olympics are in your town, that’s gotta be great, right. Except, Montreal may not agree with you. You see, 1976 Montreal Olympics was a disaster, in terms of the business of sport. The city was still paying for the event in 2006. Thirty years, thirty years is what it…

Social Proof!
9 August, 2016

Remember, as a kid, when you tried to justify something you shouldn't have done by saying that all the other kids were doing it too. And your mom's response was, "agar tere dost kunwein mein ja kudegenge, toh tu bhi kudega?" Well turns out you are very likely to jump…

The Viral Witch Project
5 August, 2016

Remember The Blair Witch Project? The film released in 1999 but the rumours started in 1998 and it certainly wasn't limited to American audiences. School kids were talking about how this was a true story and how disturbing it was.   For those of you who need a reminder, The…

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