DeFi Dawning

The cornerstone of the global financial system, for long, has been trust. Over years of tweaking, this trust was placed on intermediary institutionsunder the strict purview of regulation and government intervention. Recently, we have transitioned to the possibility of an era where this intrinsic trust is to be placed on decentralised algorithms and protocols, removing the need for any (human) financial intermediary. A new report from the Brookings Institution delves deep into the rapidly evolving world of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and its potential to reshape our financial landscape.

Revamping Central Bank Oversight

Shifting tides in the world of finance have led to a profound transformation of the Federal Reserve’s supervision procedures. Following the collapse or compulsory acquisition of various smaller, regional financial institutions, the US central bank is contemplating methods to enhance its surveillance and safeguard the interests of customers – a pivotal move towards risk identification and mitigation.

Navigating the Global Investment Landscape

The FDI Confidence Index, published by global management consulting firm AT Kearney, offers valuable insights into the outlook for international investment. By surveying senior executives from the world’s leading corporations, this index gauges their perspective on the investment landscape, emerging markets, and investment priorities. The report unravels the intricacies of global investment environment – revealing key trends, emerging markets, and strategies for investors in the post-pandemic world.

A case for ‘good inflation’

The collapse of SVBcould be a curtain raiser of worse things if the Fed keeps on raising rates. And though there’s a case for ‘good inflation’, the debate is over the percentage.

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