Tech Tackles the Pitch: AI’s New Playbook for Football Strategy

Google DeepMind, a pioneer in AI research, has unveiled TacticAI – a deep learning system designed to revolutionise one of football’s most potent weapons: the corner kick!   The world of football is no stranger to the power of tactics and strategy. From the grass roots to the grand stadiums, coaches have always sought thatRead More

Defying Gravity: De-Dollarization who?

The Russia-Ukraine crisis, coupled with mounting tensions between the US and other nations, has prompted discussions surrounding de-dollarization – the gradual reduction in the use of the dollar in international trade and finance. Despite challenges, recent data and analyses suggest ‘de-dollarization’ isn’t really a term to be taken seriously yet.   The US dollar, reveredRead More

2024 Outlook: Ideas that Will Change the World

The year 2023 brought forth many firsts — from India’s tenure at the G20 table to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) blazing a trail on the Moon’s South Pole.    More and more companies began mandating their employees to work from the office for specific days every week. With the growth story remaining robust,Read More

The 2023 Nobel Prize Winners – Part I

We present an overview of the winners of 2023 and their work, in two parts. This first instalment focuses on the three science awards. Each year in October, committees in Sweden and Norway announce the recipients of the prestigious Nobel Prizes, recognising remarkable contributions made by individuals or organisations in various fields. These fields includeRead More

Google’s Gemini has an edge over ChatGPT

With multimodal capabilities, Gemini can understand and generate information from multiple data sources, including text, images, audio, and video In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, two tech titans are gearing up for what may be the most significant showdown in the history of generative AI. Google and OpenAI, two of the most prominent organisationsRead More

Python Bootcamp to enhance students skills

Asokan Pichai, Chief Product Officer at TalentSprint, and visiting faculty at Praxis Business School conducted a 5 day Python Bootcamp to enhance the Python skills that students acquire during their Post Graduate Program in Data Science at the college. Mr. Pichai, with over about 30 years of experience, is an excellent trainer in problem solving and program designRead More

Interactive Quiz Sessions for student development

Yet another encouraging endeavour by Praxis Business School to offer students varied opportunities to engage with industry experts: an interactive quizzing session delivered by Professor G. Mohan! He is also a noted Business Quizzer, founder of, Blogger and Professor. The session was followed by a demo quiz which created great excitement and interest among the students. ProfessorRead More

Relevance of golf for networking and corporate success

Praxis Business School was honoured to host Mr. Indrajit Bhalotia, a professional golfer, past National Champion, one of the top golfers in the country, celebrated coach and the person behind India’s largest golf academy, Protouch Golf Academy Kolkata. Mr. Bhalotia delivered a fascinating session on the relevance of golf in networking and consequently in corporate success. Protouch AcademyRead More

Colgate Palmolive Campus Connect Program

Colgate Palmolive (Colpal) conducted a Campus Connect Program for the data science students of Praxis Business School. The Interactive Session, delivered through a presentation, was part of the campus recruitment process of Colgate Palmolive. The presentation gave insights into the company history, its progress, its products, its global existence, its current position and the wayRead More

Opportunities to engage with industry experts

In line with Praxis’ constant endeavour to offer its students opportunities to engage with industry experts, a session was delivered by Mr Indranath Mukherjee, Head, Strategic Analytics, AXA XL, a division of AXA. Mr Indranath Mukherjee is an analytics practitioner with more than 18 years of industry experience ranging from hands-on modeling to P&L management.  Read More

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