The Future of BDA
24 December, 2020

Data Analytics would be central to transformation initiatives, paving a faster path from data to decision Big Data Analytics (BDA) is defined as the process of analysing data to uncover patterns using computing algorithms, programming, and statistical modelling techniques to find valuable and timely correlations, resulting in actionable insights that…

Interview- Prithwis Mukerjee, Program Director – Business Analytics at Praxis Business School
Prithwis Mukerjee
28 August, 2015

This article appeared on Analytics India Magazine on November 16, 2013 in Interviews. The original article could be accessed on Analytics India Magazine website. AIM – Analytics India Magazine: Can you brief us about the course curriculum and pedagogy of analytics education at your institute? PM – Dr. Prithwis Mukerjee: The Post…

Seminar – Careers in an Analytics Hungry World
28 August, 2015

Praxis Business School in association with Telegraph – Careergraph is organizing a seminar ‘Careers in an Analytics – Hungry World’ to discuss the exciting opportunities in the area of Analytics. The seminar will have experts from PwC, ICICI Bank, Abzooba and Praxis Business School to guide you to make an…